Spring 2012 Newsletter

Dates for your calendar:

Spring Break
March 30 – April 6
This is standardized testing week, and my students usually appreciate having the week off.

Spring Recital
Thursday May 24th – 6:30 p.m. Hamilton Acres Church
All students should plan to participate in this formal recital featuring “dance” music.  Invite your family and friends!

2nd or 3rd week of June
An event for students levels 2 and up who would like to be adjudicated by a professional educator. Cheryl Green has been a mentor to me, and currently teaches in Spokane, WA. This is an excellent opportunity for students to perform their recital pieces, or other prepared pieces, for her feedback.

Rates will be $17.50 for 20 minutes.  Please let me know if you would like to be included in this event.

Summer Lessons
I will be offering summer lessons June-August. Closer to spring, I will be handing out a calendar with select dates that I will be available. I will not be teaching September 2012, since I will be on maternity leave. I hope to begin lessons in October, and organize our annual Christmas event.

Adjusted Rates
I will be advertising at the IDEA curriculum fair, a popular event for home educators, since I am losing several wonderful military families this year. The quoted rate is higher than I am charging currently. (I am charging less than the going rate for my education level.)  However, students who took lessons from me 2011-2012 will remain at the same rate 2012-2013. I have the most wonderful group of students, and I want to reward each of you for your special attention to Isaiah. We BOTH appreciate it very much!

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