Summer Newsletter

Thanks to all my students for a very rewarding year!  Kimberly Anderson and Vanessa Anderson won gold medals in the annual Music Festival competition.  Olivia Gaskins received a gold medal for her original composition at the same event.  Also, Kandice Hamilton won a silver medal for her composition.  Seven students participated in the Adjudication Event, and twenty-nine students performed in our annual piano recital!  Also, Daniel Alteneder played a wonderful solo piece for his senior graduation.  Not to mention all of you who have been playing music for church, weddings etc.  I am so proud of you!

The news on my end is that I’ll be taking December and January off this year.  I am having a baby at Christmastime.  Because of this change in my life, I will be taking no more than 20 students this year.  If you would like piano lessons next year, you need to e-mail me at: to confirm that you would like a spot.  Otherwise, I will fill my schedule with other students.  Even if you have spoken to me about piano lessons, I still need you to contact me via e-mail to let me know that having Dec/Jan off, and any other possible delays, will not thwart your interest in piano lessons.  Thank you very much for being understanding.

I still plan to offer lessons 5 days a week.  If you would like to request a date/time, you can also do so via e-mail.  I can not guarantee that I can comply, but I can try.

School schedule will begin August 16th.  Please make plans to attend lessons that week.

Also a reminder:

As of August 1st, my rates will be as follows:

30 minute lesson $20.00

45 minute lesson $30.00

Students who are in level three or above will be strongly advised to have 45 minute lessons.  These rates are competitively based on my B.A. degree in Piano Performance and my recent certification through the Music Teachers’ National Association.

Please visit my web-site to check on current events.


Autumn Posey B.A.

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