Methods Used: I use a variety of methods. For beginning students I use the Piano Adventures series. For intermediate students I use the Celebration series. All students are taught scales and proper playing technique. I also specialize in teaching hymn playing and improvisation.

Equipment Available: I own a brand-new Kawai upright piano and a Yamaha grand piano.

Studio Locations: My studio location is 8 mile Chena Hot Springs Road, just past the Nordale intersection.

Teaching Philosophy

Each student has music within him that needs to be directed to reach his full potential. The untrained student is not aware of his abilities, and is not able to demonstrate his gifts. Through instruction, I will develop my students’ talents in a rewarding direction.

A student must know the techniques necessary to compose and interpret music. In order to compose music correctly, the student must have the basic tools to communicate his abilities. In order to interpret music correctly, the student must be able to identify the tools that another composer used. I will provide my students with the tools they need to both compose and interpret music accurately.

A student should be taught to be creative. He must explore musical possibilities that will lead to his better interpretation of music. I will guide my students into music exploration.

Each student will understand that music is a gift to be shared and is a benefit to both the performer and the audience. I will create opportunities for my students to share their music with others.

Through learning, and diligent practice, a student will acquire a strong work-ethic that will aid him regardless of what occupation he chooses in life. I believe that learning music is a skill that every individual should have, and it is my job to train well-rounded students.